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Happy Homes with Biophilic Design

Happy living environments are imperative to our wellbeing and interior design can play a huge part in achieving this. The importance of creating a space that reflects positively on your mental health has been a prominent topic over the past few years. A recent article by New Scientist even states that there has been a growing number of neuroscientists working alongside architects and interior designers*. At a time when remote work is the new normal, it makes perfect sense that homeowners are opting for interiors that radiate happiness and positivity, over minimalistic and muted designs. An increasingly popular choice that is associated with enhancing spaces this way is Biophilic design.  Biophilia is defined as an instinct to connect with nature and all living things. The connection to nature has been found to support mental health and cognitive functions, as well as reduce stress and help boost moods. Biophilic interiors encourage bright spaces and natural light that allow people to practice mindfulness, self-care and find sanctuary within the home. Richard Burbidge’s trend, ‘Zen Living’, is characterised by light colour palettes, rustic tones, greenery and sustainable products. It encapsulates the notion of choosing designs that benefit your happiness and wellbeing, as well as offering an easy way to introduce more sustainable products into your home. When paired with natural timber such as Richard Burbidge’s stairparts or wall panelling, this can easily add a Biophilic influence to a space. This can be achieved using Richard Burbidge’s Trademark range, with a choice of oak, hemlock, pine, or white finishes to add a simple but beautiful design to your stairway. With its light and natural timber options, the Trademark collection has something to suit every budget and allows homeowners to mix and match in order to create their desired look. Richard Burbidge’s trend, ‘Outside in’, also represents a combination of rustic finishes and natural wood furnishings alongside modern touches. The Elements range, with a choice of glass, metal or timber combinations is ideal for a contemporary, yet classic look. Better yet, these materials add a sense of serenity to a room that welcomes a harmonious blend of the rural outdoors and cosy décor. Wall cladding painted in light or rustic tones can also be easily paired with Biophilic décor such as large palms or potted plants and natural ceramics. Whilst a natural timber panelled wall can help to widen a room and achieve a simple, yet sustainable look that incorporates nature in the space. To view Richard Burbidge’s full collection of stairparts and wall panelling, please visit: *Source: Transforming your space…  

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Planet Mark Business Certification

Archwood Group are proud to announce that we have partnered with Planet Mark as part of our sustainability commitments and the United Nations Race to Zero campaign. As a business, it is critical that we measure our own impact on the environment. Planet Mark will support us with measuring and validating our carbon footprint, creating a clear picture of all our environmental impacts. This will allow us to identify ways to take rigorous and immediate action to halve our carbon footprint by 2030 and achieve Net Zero by no later than 2050. After many months of data collation and external verification we are proud to announce that we’ve achieved the Planet Mark Year 1 Business Certification. This is an incredible achievement involving the entire business. The Planet Mark Business Certification is an internationally recognised sustainability certification for businesses reporting its carbon footprint and demonstrating continuous progress, encouraging action and building an empowered community of like-minded individuals. Through Planet Mark we have protected an area of endangered rainforest thanks to Cool Earth; a charity working alongside rainforest communities to halt deforestation. In addition, through our commitment to Planet Mark we are also helping the Eden Project – an educational charity building connections with each other and the living world, exploring how we can work together towards a better future. We want to continue to do our part in having a positive impact on the planet and society. Each and every one of us plays an important role in our sustainability journey. We look forward to sharing our sustainability achievements over the coming months and encourage you to get in touch if you have any questions, suggestions or would like to get involved.

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Richard Burbidge chosen for Howdens' first branded stairparts line

Howdens, the UK's number one trade kitchen and joinery supplier, has chosen Richard Burbidge for the trade supplier's first ever offering of branded stairparts.  From mid-June, tradespeople will be able to buy products from Richard Burbidge's popular Elements metal stair system at all 778 Howdens depots across the UK. The partnership marks a major new chapter for Richard Burbidge.  We have been working with Howdens to help its customers respond to consumer demand for high-quality, on-trend stairparts. Combining oak and metal, the stylish Elements range features clean lines, and is made using FSC-certified and sustainably sourced timber.  Installation is quick and simple thanks to pre-cut balusters which simply slot into pre-drilled rails, meaning systems can often be fitted in a day. From Monday 13th June, builders, fitters and other tradespeople will have a choice of eight different Elements products: two handrails, two baserails, two black balusters (one for the stairs and one for the landing), and two fixing kits to secure the handrails to the newels. Josh Burbidge, Managing Director of Richard Burbidge, said "This is a huge opportunity to further support the trade sector by working in partnership with an industry leader.  Howdens is an established and highly respected UK business, and this collaboration will enable us to expand our reach and build brand awareness". The Elements system is strength-tested to UK domestic regulations.  The stairparts will feature in the next issue of Howden's trade catalogue and will also have a branded page on the company's website. Claire Toomey, Head of Category for Flooring & Joinery at Howdens, said "We're always looking to expand our product range and respond to our customers' needs.  Metal stair systems are a big trend right now, so there's demand among homeowners, interior designers and property developers for this clean, stylish look. "Richard Burbidge's Elements range is the perfect choice for our first offering of branded stairparts.  By stocking this line, our trade customers will be able to answer the demand from their own clients". At Richard Burbidge, precision engineering is used to create high-quality products sustainably and responsibly.      

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The Ultimate Guide To Wall Panelling

  Decorative mouldings can add a small design feature, or totally transform the look and character of a whole room. Most commonly, mouldings are used to install a panelled wall in homes due to its cost-effectiveness and ease of installation. That’s why we’ve put together the ultimate guide to wall panelling, alongside a few words of advice from our expert and Product Manager here at Richard Burbidge, Zoe Goff to help you get started. Why install wall panelling? Wall panelling is a quick and affordable installation to add to your home with hundreds of different designs that can be created. From adding instant character to a room to creating a stunning focal point within your home, here’s just some of the additional benefits of this design feature: Breaks up a large room Creates architectural shape Adds protection to original walls Installs a level of insulation Zoe Goff says, “Wall panelling has many practical benefits that are not just aesthetic. It can conceal uneven surfaces and marks as well as protect walls in high traffic areas like hallways and doorways.” Design inspiration Using wall panelling to create a feature wall is popular design choice, whether that be floor to ceiling or wainscot installations. From contemporary square or even rectangle panel designs, this will have a transformative effect on any space by creating an illusion of depth, height and character. Not only this, but wall panelling can be installed against any décor or colour scheme to create a unique design. By experimenting with colour, you can introduce a whole new design trend into your space through a single wall. Zoe says, “Less can sometimes be more when it comes to wall panelling. Opting to panel just one wall instead of the whole room can help to create a focal point, as well as create less work.” “Square wall panelling works best if you really want to make a statement, whereas decorative panelling helps create a more delicate look. Wainscot wall cladding is also a popular choice for hallways, home entrances and smaller spaces.” How do you install wall panelling? Here’s some tips on how to get started: Plan and measure the walls. Map your design measurements onto the wall, using a tape measure, pencil and laser level mark to pinpoint where each panel will be. Choose your desired moulding from our collection. Cut the panels to length, taking care to sand the ends until smooth. Carefully apply the panels to the walls, making sure they’re symmetrical and before nailing or drilling any. Finally, add a lick of paint to complete your project. Check out our full step-by-step guide and how to video here. Why choose Richard Burbidge? Using Richard Burbidge’s collection of decorative mouldings, from scotias to quadrants, there are precision-cut, high quality mouldings for every project. Our stripwood collection are ideal for square wall panelling, whilst our decorative trims can help to add the final details and finishing touches to a wall. We'r stocked in thousands of stores across the U.K. Find your local Richard Burbidge stockist here. Happy renovating!

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We’re Powered by 100% Renewable Energy

Following the recent appointment of our internal Environmental Action Group, we're proud to announce that we've made the move to 100% renewable energy. Earlier this year, we announced the appointment of an internal Environmental Action Group to drive our sustainability goals and pledge for a greener future. The Environmental Action Group is working towards the ultimate goal of reducing carbon emissions and developing a carbon footprint management plan which will set out clear measurable objectives, targets, and timescales to becoming a net zero business. We have already made progress, having moved to 100% renewable energy at our manufacturing facility, warehouse, and offices. The move will reduce the annual CO2 impact by 427 Tonnes - the equivalent to more than 200 cars being taken off the road. These initiatives form part of our plan to support the United Nations Race to Zero campaign. Race to Zero is the UN-backed global campaign rallying businesses to take rigorous and immediate action to halve global emissions by 2030 and deliver a healthier, fairer zero carbon world. You can count on Richard Burbidge to be at the forefront of positive environmental change in the timber industry.  Take a read of our Sustainability Report to stay updated on the improvements and achievements we at Richard Burbidge have made so far.  More progress is to come, so keep an eye out on social and our website for more updates coming soon.  

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How To Add The Colour Green Into Your Home

According to a recent article by Apartment Therapy*, nearly every paint brand named a shade of sage green as their colour of choice for 2022. Green is an extremely versatile colour that withholds many connotations, from nature and sustainability to luck and safety. With that said, it’s no surprise people are gravitating towards this colour, especially when it comes to interior design. Why Is Green Colour Of The Year? Biophilic design As a colour commonly associated with nature and all-things outdoors, homeowners have started to introduce more shades of green into their homes in recent years. Having spent so much time within our homes throughout the course of the pandemic, neutral colour schemes that help to create a bright and open space have become increasingly popular. As an earthy colour, green takes a huge role in adding to this natural feel. Biophilic design is a design trend that echoes our desire to introduce more space, nature and elements of the environment into our homes. Described as an extremely calming colour, green can also help us to feel safe and relieved from stress or any personal anxieties. A ‘greener’ future Our desire to be surrounded by nature goes hand-in-hand with our increasing awareness of making greener choices. Sustainability factors are of the upmost concern when it comes to interior design in 2022. As a result, more greenery and natural materials are being added into homes, with both helping to improve air quality and respiratory health. We're calling this particular design concept, ‘Zen Living’. A trend that encourages homeowners to introduce more sustainable products into their home. By investing in quality materials with a long lifespan, such as our quality stairparts and mouldings, homeowners can incorporate design features that are both timeless and self-sustaining. Where to start? Initially, green may feel like a bold colour to incorporate into your home and therefore, it’s best to start small. By adding a simple green feature wall or subtle soft furnishings, the colour can totally transform a room. Richard Burbidge’s collection of decorative mouldings can be used to install timber panelling to create a feature wall. Painted in a deep sage green, this could add instant character to your living space and give it the perfect ‘new year’ revival. Hues of green paired with tranquil décor and natural timber can also be achieved by using our Trademark stairparts range. A choice of oak, hemlock, pine, or white finishes will add a simple yet beautiful design to your stairway, alongside a green painted wall or added greenery such as Monstera plants.  You can find a world of inspiration in our 2022 Interior Design Trends Guide. Download here.  * *

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